winter boat storage rates
Heated Indoor Winter Boat Storage at MacRay Harbor

As temperatures are winding down, it’s time to start thinking about storing your boat until next summer and luckily, we still have winter boat storage space available in our heated indoor garages!

Higher potential resale value, less wear and tear on your canvas, less clean-up time in the spring, since your boat isn’t shrink-wrapped take this time to get some service done, preventative maintenance to keep your boat in top condition.

The benefits to keeping your boat in a temperature controlled facility balance out the increased cost of the storage. By keeping your boat stored indoors and protected from the elements, your canvas will experience less wear and tear, thus leading to higher resale value. Splurging on winter storage also affords you more time on your boat, in the months that matter! By keeping your boat inside, there will be less clean-up time in the spring, and since your boat isn’t shrink-wrapped take advantage and have some preventative maintenance or servicing done to keep your boat in top physical and mechanical condition.

Pricing for heated indoor winter boat storage is ONLY $6/Sq. Foot! We can accommodate boats with 9′-16′ beams, and up to 9 feet tall. For boats exceeding 9′ in height, we do offer radar arch removal for an associated fee.

Winter storage for boats at MacRay Harbor makes both economic and boat sense! With a wide variety of storage options, we can accommodate almost any boater!

We also have limited storage space for dinghys, golf carts, and jet skis!

For more information, or to reserve your space, please call Member Services 586-468-1900 ext. 443